‚Äč2019 Conference dates: tobe set

About US

The G Conference started in 2010 when Jeff Landry of Mt. Pleasant invited Barry Whorick of Scottdale and Brad Geyer of Connellsville to have an informal conference called the G-3

The G Conference crossed county lines with representatives from both Westmoreland and Fayette Counties.

Every member has a vote on issues presented.

Today, 2017 the G Conference is composed of 14  boroughs and cities, now referred to as the G-14 .

The G-1 communities represent over 85,000 citizens.

Each year the G Conference members hold a conference at Lauralville Mennonite Church Center .

This unique conference started and continues with the concept of municipalities participating in

meetings to help each other.

The results of these conferences help members  ina variety of ways:

* Share equipment

* Group buying of materials

* Share Ordinances

* Provide a forum for member municipalities to meet nad discuss common issues, such as Police, Fire, Street issues.

* Provides a group approach to meet new demands.

* Provides a forum to collectively deal with new mandates and laws.

The G-Conference is symbolic...... 16 Municipalities....1 Alliance!